The truth that may providers are experiencing is the Patient Centered Care does not work!   Because if fails to include the Provider in the engagement.  The real result is what happens between the patient and the provider.

Which is why we present Relationship Centered Care™ as the solution to achieving better results.

We have created a unique Patient Success System designed to replicate the success of that ONE practitioner we all know and admire, who has the lowest no-show rate, the highest client compliance and very often has a waiting list of referred patients. And who somehow manages to do this without using the latest manual techniques.

Our gift is to be able to replicate this skill set for not only your clinicians, but your entire staff.

Whether your dream is to dramatically increase your bottom line in the face of a patient-driven health care system…

Whether your vision is to create a work environment that inspires your team to be their absolute best with each and every patient…

Or whether your goal is to improve outcomes and have a staff that confidently represents the mission of your clinic with each interaction…

We can help.

The Patient Success System is fully customized to your clinic’s needs and goals.  It also guides your practice toward a Relationship Based Healthcare™ model of care.

Step 1: Prepare to Lead

The first step to transforming your practitioners into superior communicators is to get them on board and engaged with your vision. In order to do that, the clinic owner and key staff will need to advance their own leadership skills.

In this first step we also use our coaching conversations and leadership training to gather the right data, and set up simple systems and performance metrics to start tracking results for the journey ahead.

Step 2: Design a Plan of Action

To ensure your clinic meets your vision of improving outcomes, patient compliance and profitability, together we will determine which road map and systems will best serve the organization as a whole.

Step 3: Implement Action Plan

In this phase of the organization’s transformation, we’ll lead a series of Patient Success Retreats at your clinic to establish new skill sets and train your team through didactic and experiential exercises that will profoundly motivate you and your staff.

Step 4: Ensure Steady Progress

In between each Patient Success Retreat we’ll lead your team through a series of web-based trainings and curriculum to ensure the theories and skill sets become an integrated part of their daily practice.

Step 5: Clear Any Road Blocks

As you and your team become more proficient in leading your patients to success and working with each other in new ways, it is inevitable that challenges and road blocks may come up. We stick with you to ensure that you receive the on-the-spot coaching and breakthroughs you need to fully embody each mindset and skill set.

Step 6: Rediscover Organizational Purpose

As your team releases old patterns of communicating with patients that no longer serve the best interests of your organization, they will rediscover their innate talents, gifts and communication styles that feel authentic and effective. With guidance and data-supported coaching, your team will be able to express their unique abilities with greater confidence and re-establish a motivating and uniting purpose in the workplace.

Step 7: Integrate Your Front Office

To create a sustainable integration of the new training, we’ll show you how to lead your front office to represent the upgrades you have made.

Step 8: Renew Professional Excellence

The key to continuous success is setting ongoing group processes that are designed to renew each individual’s professional excellence. From mastery level language and behavior techniques, to sharing solutions productively, we’ll set you up to keep advancing the organization.

The end result? Improved outcomes, lower no-show rates, better practitioner performance, and a clinic that patients rave about. This is the future of health care.

Ready to get started? The first step is to have a conversation with us to see if we’re a great match and that we can indeed be of help.

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