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Train your team and build systems to improve clinical outcomes with our methodology of Relationship Centered Care®

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Patient Success is a Systematic Approach to Patient Engagement

For over 10 years, we have been constructing a science-based approach to patient engagement to improve clinical and business outcomes.  Extensive research has been done to explore the lived experience of being a patient.  We have synthesized this knowledge to design systems that successfully engage patients to a more empowered and connected through a therapeutic relationship.  When patients are engaged, they take ownership of their condition and are more likely to complete their course of care.

Patient Success Systems provides you and your organization a foundation for better outcomes. 

Meet John Woolf

John Woolf is the co-founder of Patient Success Systems. He takes the concept of healing far beyond traditional academic boundaries.

John believes that today’s health care system requires a new approach to patient care that begins with developing the skills that get patients engaged with their own care.

John is a thought leader professing that "Patient Centered Care is Myth." 

This points to the research to re-frame the discussion to a new model that will improve outcomes in a rapidly changing healthcare system: Relationship Centered Care.

Providers cannot just “procedure patients” to better health. Relationship is an important part of the treatment effect.

At some point, good health care practitioner consists of more than a procedure and devotes themselves to the creation of resources that move patients from symptom relief to true healing.


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John has proven his expertise multiple times at the professional level.

He holds an MS in Exercise and Sport Sciences and is licensed both as a physical therapist and as an athletic trainer. John is also certified in orthopedic manual therapy through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine. He is currently completing a PhD in Performance Psychology.

John possesses a wide breadth of experience working with people in different stages of the patient process.

Among other things, John was the Director of Medical Services Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Arizona (UA), and serves as UA’s physical therapy internship site for Dr. Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine program. John has served as clinical faculty for UA’s Department of Orthopedics Surgical and Non-surgical Fellowship Programs. In addition, he is the former CEO of ProActive Physical Therapy.


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