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Learn the essential skills and supporting science that leads to a better experience for the patient and provider.  Tap into the power of patient engagement to get better clinical outcomes.

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Patient success depends upon your ability to connect with your patient.

Create rapport ... before

Patient success is a process that depends on your ability to successfully connect. It is often overlooked as a critical first step in a successful treatment intervention. If you try to help patients without a solid therapeutic relationship, there is a good chance that you will be frustrated with the result.

A new approach with a new set of skills.

It does not matter how good your treatment skills are, if you don't establish “rapport before…” the risk of failure increases. New evidence in neuroscience speaks to the critical elements within the therapeutic relationship.

Patient Centered Care is a Myth.

If your treatment plan is centered only on the patient, you are failing to harness the power that comes with establishing a partnership. You may also be experiencing symptoms of burnout that result from being in a "one-sided" relationship.

The focus must be on what happens between you and your patient. This will lighten your load and more successfully empower your patients to participate more fully.

Patient Success Systems is here to share the foundation of learning the critical skills that create better outcomes.


The "New" Science of Relationship Centered Care®

Relationship Centered Care® is a process and systematic application of all the right “elements” to establish:

» A therapeutic relationship

» A completed plan of care

» Better outcomes

The science of connection is not yet exactly new, however, it has not been full adopted by the medical profession. At a time when medical professionals are struggling to get patients engaged with their own care, new skills are required.

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Success Stories

"I thought I knew how to connect with patients, but now I know what I did not know and it has made a huge difference. Highly recommend this course!"

—Doug S.

"This course is a game changer.  I see how patients can get lost in the process of care, and more importantly, how I can prevent it from happening and keep them engaged."

—Matt C.

"After implementing these concepts, our cx/ns rate has dropped 3%. This has had a significant impact on our practice."

—Andrew A.

How to transform your practice with Relationship Centered Care®

Know the Science

Improve your confidence by learning the science describing “why” it is critical to connecting with your patients. As you will learn, our brains are wired to connect with others.

I will simplify the neuroscience that explains how people connect and create a foundation to master the essential skills of connection.

Learn the Skills

Successfully connecting with patients is more than just communication skills. Interpersonal communication in healthcare is unique and requires a “new” set of skills that will help you and your colleagues.

Implement Systems

Because the foundation is Relationship-Centered, it will affect all aspects of your organization and improve initial visit show rates, create a relationship-centered culture and improve key performance indicators.


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