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Transform your practice by applying the "New" Science of Patient Engagement

Finally a comprehensive course that gives you the power to achieve better outcomes.

Enroll now to improve patient outcomes

Transform your practice by applying the "New" Science of Patient Engagement

Finally a comprehensive course that gives you the power to achieve better outcomes.

Enroll now to improve patient outcomes

After years of struggling with "difficult" patients, and mastering the "technical skills" of practice, I knew there was more to getting great outcomes.

If you don't already know, the research is clear that there is more to a successful clinical outcome than what you do to patients. If you don't properly engage the patient, your practice and outcomes will suffer.

Most healthcare providers believe they can "fix" patients, or that they are powerless with difficult patients.

Most physical therapists believe that learning technical skill (mobilization and exercise) will help them get better results, but they are missing a crucial step that must come before you do anything to the patient.

Without first creating a therapeutic relationship, the best mobilization or exercise program may not work.

The patient may not stick with the treatment plan and disappear from your schedule, failing to "buy in" to the treatment course of action.

This course will help you solve these major challenges for a better outcome for your patients and your practice.

Patient-Centered Care

is a Myth

It does not work! Learn why patient-centered care fails to recognize what really matters for patient success.

Tired of trying to get your patients to "buy in" to their treatment plan?

You know that if patients actively participate in their treatment plan and do their part, they are likely to get better. They are likely to share with others their success. They are likely to come back to see you if there is a problem.

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Not your typical con-ed course

What if there was a course that help helped you to get better outcomes and have more energy at the end of the day?

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Have you ever wondered...

Why some patients respond to treatment while others struggle?

❖ Why some patients leave you feeling "drained?"

❖ Why some patients seem "eager" to get better while others don't?

❖ Why some patients cancel, no-show, or just stop coming for treatment?

Find solutions with our course

Unlock the power of knowing the "New" science of patient engagement.

More engaged and adherent patients
Fewer Cancellations and No-Shows
Better Clinical Outcomes
More confidence and less burnout

What if you could learn to see patient care in a whole new way?

Your practice 


  • Frustrated with a higher than desired cancellation and no-show rate.
  • Fed up with non-compliant patients who don't seem to buy in to their treatment plan.
  • Worn down with "difficult" patients that don't seem to get better no matter what you try.
  • Feeling drained and burned out, like your are just going through the motions.

Your practice 


  • Excited that patients now see the value of their time with you and show for their appointments.
  • Patients actively engage with their treatment plan and complete their course of care.
  • Confident to recognize that even complex patients no longer have to feel "difficult." 
  • Energized because you can be more for your patients. You will feel confident with this new approach, allowing you to feel the passion for your profession.


Psychologically Informed for Better Results

An online course empowering learners with the "new" science of patient engagement.


Journey to Better Outcomes


Evolution to Outcomes

How did our modern healthcare system get to this point?  While our technology as evolved, we face new challenges that we attempt to correct by being "patient-centered". However, patient-centered care is the wrong approach, and we must refocus on what is really important for better results.  

  • Learn how the healthcare system has evolved with the industrial revolution and the problems it's created.
  • Learn why "patient-centered care" is the wrong approach and adopt a new center of care.
  • With a new focus comes a new outcome paradigm that provides the foundation of patient success.

Psychologically Informed

Is this really a "new" science?  Yes! New research on the topic of patient experience is exploding, and many providers are slow to adopt these findings into their practice.  We are not psychologists, however, we must understand some critical basics in order to fully understand what is necessary for patient success.

  • Learn how neuroscience is bridging the gap between psychology and rehab science.
  • Gain a working model of psychology that lays the foundation for new skills.
  • Know the difference between healing and curing to answer a critical question.

Science of the Mind

To become psychologically informed you need to learn how the mind works.  While it is intricate and complex, recent evidence provides a new way of understanding experience, engagement, and how memories are encoded and the conditions in which psych emotional trauma are formed. 

  • Review the empirical research describing how relationship impacts an outcome.
  • Learn a working model of the brain and mind so that you can understand how skills work.
  • Learn how memories are formed and how traumatic experiences can result in symptoms of PTSD.

Emotion and The Social Brain

Emotion is the foundation of all meaningful relationships.  How we generate and regulate emotions determines the degree to which we are able to connect with our patients. Humans are designed with mind reading capabilities that ensure we connect with others and provides the mechanism that enable empathy.

  • Learn how emotions are generated and the ways in which we can regulate our emotions to increase performance.
  • Appreciate the Social Brain and how it allows us to read the minds of others and interpret their intentions.
  • Understand empathy not as something we do to patients, but rather something that is co-created.

Common Factors Model

What if you learned that only 25% of a clinical outcome can be attributed to your treatment technique? Recent research has discovered that much of the treatment effect can be explained with Common Factors, the core of which is the Therapeutic Alliance. If you want better outcomes, you must applies these key elements.

  • Learn the Common Factors Model and how it applies to rehab medicine.
  • Apply the Common Factors Model in the context of a therapeutic relationship.
  • Learn the conditions necessary for a successful therapeutic alliance.

Aligning Skills to Outcomes

Why does a patient stay engaged in their treatment plan? While there are many factors, we know that if a patient is not satisfied, they will not stay with it.  The patient must perceive value or they will stop coming to treatment. When you learn what is important to your patient, you are more likely to achieve alignment that results in a successful outcome.

  • Review the science that describes the determinants of patient satisfaction.
  • Apply the science to a case study that illustrates ways in which to achieve alignment and a successful outcome.
  • Review the Psychologically Informed Skills and the ways it can transform your practice.


Who is this course for?

Any healthcare provider who wants to better understand the science of patient engagement and build the foundation to develop or improve skills for better outcomes.

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Course Details


weekly modules & extras


hours of video training


hours of live training

Scientific Foundation

Psychology and neuroscience are combined to build a foundation upon which you can develop new skills.

Practical Exercises

Apply each week's learning to your practice with helpful exercises that reinforce learning. 

Build a "New" Toolbox

With a new toolbox you will develop a new set of 'power skills' to achieve better engagement and outcomes.

Connect with Others

Build your network and connect with others who are getting "psyched up".  Learn by sharing your experience.

Why Start this Journey Now?

More Satisfied & Engaged Patients

When you successfully connect with patients, you will unleash the power of the therapeutic alliance.

Clinical Mastery

With a new foundation, you will truly understand what it means to "treat the person". The patient and person become one and you become the master guide to help them to a better outcome.

Better Clinical Outcomes

Make sure your technical clinical skills have a chance to work, by understanding ways in which patients are best motivated.

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Even with advanced manual therapy and exercise training, I knew I was missing critical information when treating patients.

What I did not know at the time, was that there are a whole new set of skills that make all of my advanced training more effective in getting better outcomes. To learn these skills I had to go to the science of psychology.

Now, having nearly completed a PhD in Performance Psychology, I am ready to share a gold mine of science that will transform your practice.

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I have attended a lot of con-ed courses. This one was completely different, I knew some of this stuff, but never understood why some providers did a better job of connecting than others. I never appreciated the complexity in the engagement.  It has totally transformed our practice!

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I completely underestimated the value of my undergraduate psychology classes, but I never understood psychology like this. I'm not a psychologist, but I learned that psychology is in everything, and I now have a new way of understanding how it fits in my practice. Great stuff!

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