Is your team on the same page about Patient Engagement?

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Why are Patient Engagement Skills Critical in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare System?

The success of your organization and its outcomes depends upon consistent and dependable process of effective engagement.  Delivering a consistent level of Patient Engagement is a team approach. When people are not working together for this common goal, patients notice!  

Getting your team aligned to the desired behaviors for consistent execution requires a reflection on the Mission, Values and Beliefs of the company. From this foundation, training is designed to reflect what’s most important to your organization.  We will help you if and where there exists incongruencies and provide practical solutions to improve atmosphere, culture, environment and organizational outcomes.

With our organizational consultation, we will provide:


  • Culture measurement tools to determine the degree to which it is relationship-centered
  • Listen carefully for root causes of performance failures
  • Match key performance indicators with relationship-centered methods
  • Custom design and implementation or organization wide relationship-centered training
  • Provide training and coaching at all levels, from C-Suite to front line employees

Yes, you and your team can learn the skills that improve patient engagement and better outcomes.

Research demonstrates that relationship skills can be learned by healthcare providers and improve the relationship between the patient and provider.  

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Consultation and hands-on training to improve the relationship skills the improve results.

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Achieve Clarity

In accord with the relationship centered processes that we teach, we start by listening carefully to the problems your organization is experiencing. Only after gaining a deep understanding do we move to the next step to designing the right solution for the organization.

Solution Design

The solution can range from single member coaching to organizational training. The solution is custom designed with systems that help to measure progress toward the organization's desired outcomes.



With customer systems in place, we help you implement the system and success with organizational change management.  



Providers are Healthier with Relationship-Centered Training

Team success depends upon healthy team members.  

Most healthcare professionals are struggling with the demands of a busy practice and the desire to truly connect with the reason they got into the profession.  This is leading to burnout which creates a vicious cycle of dispassionate care and attrition.  How can we keep the balance? 

By understanding how the relationship between the patient can provider can be ideally structured, you can develop the skills to remain "whole" in the process of guiding patients toward a great clinical result.  You will learn the neuroscientific foundations of Interpersonal Emotional Regulation (IER) and the skills to ensure that the "right kind" of connection is formed with your patients.  This will allow you to engage with a new level of resiliency that will keep you practice fun and energized.

Imagine having now more "difficult patients"!  With this kind of training, you will develop the interpersonal agility to ensure that each party is clear about their role in the healing process.

Hands-on Training

You will immediately "feel" the power of these language skills during intensive practice sessions and be ready to apply these skills with patients for better results.

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