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PT Performance - A Dashboard Approach

This first episode was an brief interview with Ben Sharpe of Practice Dashboard who describes the role of data in business and provider performance.

  • It was helpful to get some perspective on the topic of performance from a non-provider perspective.  PT performance involved multiple stakeholders, and to fully explore the topic we will be reaching into the perspective of researchers, clinicians and those who support the practice on the business side.
  • Ben intuitively recognizes the key psychological concept of goal setting.  PTs are generally goal oriented.  It is difficult to become a PT without the ability to set and achieve goals.  And he recognized
  • Performance from a business perspective requires the ability to not only set goals, but also set goals in the right level.  As an example, setting revenue goals without fully understanding the tasks necessary to achieve a revenue goal, does not make sense. 
  • The key is to set task goals, upstream goals, such as a goal for the number of visits and the average reimbursement for visits that reliably predict the downstream goals of revenues.
  • If you are using monthly revenues as your sole performance metric, you have no way to manage your companies’ performance.  
  • Ben successfully lead his team not by micromanaging clinical directors but rather by empowering them with information.  Information combined with clear expectations creates a leadership culture of autonomy, which is a fundamental component of Self-Determination Theory.
  • We closed by introducing the concept of Game Film as a concept to improve team performance.  However, the Motivational Climate must be set at a Mastery Level.  More on this later.  

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