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I agree that that arguing seems to be an important part of psychology.  I sense that psychology has been mired down in a Game of Thrones where the question that keeps people on the edge of their seat is who will survive.  I am learning through all of these psychology courses that, truly, the profession has been fractured in so many different ways, and not unlike hard science, has struggled to find footing upon which to stand in a unified manner.  Overall, an essential process, albeit messy.

Humanistic psychology’s credibility suffered from a social perception that aligned with movements of the 1960’s existentialism, politics and complementary and alternative approaches to care (Schneider, Pierson & Bugental, 2015), a path divergent from the medical profession’s affinity for a more mainstream approach such as cognitive-behavior therapy (Felder, Aten, Neudeck, Shiomi-Chen, & Robbins, 2014).  Moreover, at the early stages of...

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