Therapeutic Alliance – Three Steps

therapeutic alliance Jul 09, 2020

Three Steps to Achieving a Therapeutic Alliance

This term has gotten a lot of attention recently as the entire U.S. healthcare system begins to move ever so gradually towards a value-based payment model. I think it will be clear to everybody that we will not be able to simply “procedure” people better. At some point we are going to have to engage the patient in a process that ensures their participation in their own health. Whether it is in a rehab context where somebody is trying to recover from an injury or in a general health management environment, it’s clear that building a relationship is the cornerstone to a healthier population.

For those of us in physical therapy, it’s common to think our only task is to help patients recover from or prevent an injury. We can easily get caught thinking that what we “do” to the patient will be enough to get a successful clinical outcome when in fact, it can be very...

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