The “New” Science of Patient Engagement

patient engagement Jun 11, 2020

The US healthcare system is struggling to explain how the many technological advances have resulted in anything less than the most effective healthcare system in the world. In spite of the tremendous gains in innovation and technology, the US healthcare system falls well below number one in many areas.

This reality serves to help us step back and consider “why”?  “What’s the issue?” Or I should say, “what are the issues?” We can all likely agree that this in no one single issue, but rather a complex set of variables that have created the current situation.

This course as part of Patient Success Systems in collaboration with the IAOM-US and is designed to focus in on one component of the complex picture of a fractured healthcare system.  

  • What happens between the patient and provider that contributes to a successful outcome? 

This is the fundamental working element in the complex human biological...

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